Monday, March 31, 2008

THE season

The Detroit Tigers open their season in less than an hour. Baseball pundits are predicting this to be a good year for the team. The city needs a little morale boosting right now.

Today it's supposed to rain. I hope that takes away the last piles of pollution-marbled snow piles.

This week our fetus is the size of a kumquat. For those of you not familar with the kumquat, baby's about an inch long.

Willa was under the weather yesterday and ended up falling asleep while cuddling with me on the couch. She hasn't done this since she was a baby. It was very sweet.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today I started tomato and aster seeds, and found the maternity clothes box.

After Willa's nap we went to the Nature Center and had a nice walk in 50 degree sunny weather. We got all 5 things on our Target list (and, of course a few things that weren't), and then came home.

This put me 2 hours behind in taking the medicine that is supposed to keep me feeling better. A big cup of water, a teeny pill, and a few hours on the couch, and I'm feeling all right again.

This was our first outing where Willa walked the whole time. No stroller, no shoulders... she's getting so darn big.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 2

After spending 3 hours at work, I'm going back to bed. These last 2 days are the first I've missed at work because of the parasite - I mean our sweet child to be.
First trimester is set to end on 4.27. What a sweet birthday present that will be.

Jim's back has been out for a few days, but he's doing better again.

The Sinkis are only slightly falling apart at the seams.

Tim - think plastic lunch boxes would be okay? For vegetarians, I mean.
Kerri - you've found me out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's interesting how when I plug my name into a Google search, 3 pages of past professional links come up.
On the other hand, here's this blog with all the personal info, and there's no way I could link my real name to it. What would my employers think?!
Funny how publicly on the internet I am my job, yet on the Sinki internet, I am everything but.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh wait, I didn't tell you...
On Saturday night I went to bed irritated because the Bunny hadn't finished and hidden Willa's basket. I drempt that the Easter Bunny was tracking Willa via GPS. When I woke up, Jim was turning of his cell phone, which had a low battery and was beeping. I was kind of upset, "how is the Easter Bunny going to find Willa now?!"

Hippity Hoppity

Willa enjoyed Easter. "Eggs. Inda waater? Geen. Geen egg inda waater."

"Dis one? Inda waater?

She really liked this process. We did all of 5 eggs (shooting for 8, but there were some explosions in the pot). Five turned out to be the perfect number.

"What is it with you people and these eggs?!"

Later we hung out with Jim's family. Here are 3 of the nephews.

The glasses were in her basket. The Easter Bunny was tired of having to search for her glasses all around the house, so Ms. Willa got her very own. They were a hit.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A few things

Is Ron Paul still in the race? Do you think he's stewing somewhere because no one thought to check his secret passport files?

Garden catalogs that feature illustrations of plants, instead of real photos, are not getting my business.

I've been really charmed by how Willa kisses my belly at night before bed time, "night night, baby." For the past several night, I've gotten teary. Then last night she kissed my chest and said, "night night nipple" (we're learning body parts). I ran out of her room cracking up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last year and now

Every so often, I like to look back in the blog to see what we were up to a year ago. Just so happens Willa was taking her first clumsy solo steps this week last year.

After reading that I teared up a little. Our baby... she's growing up. Good thing I'm already pregnant, right?

Anyhow, here's our fashionista last year, and this weekend.

This morning while I was getting dressed, she was watching Curious George on PBS. George was trying to learn to hibernate like a bear (because he didn't want to wear his winter coat). I asked Willa what George was doing. She told me, "HA night-night" which is hibernate in toddler.

Also, with Spring coming, I've been feeling like a little kid in the back seat on a road trip, "are we there yet? How about now?" And the word from the front seat is "almost...."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sick, x2? and a cutie

On Sunday evening I began taking Zofran, the prescription medication for nausea. It's what chemo patients take for relief. My weariness and the crazy hormones had me nearly in tears while I was reading the directions. Morning sickness is no picnic. But it will end, at the very latest when we have a new baby. Chemo patients don't have a very happy reason for feeling sick. So, I'm trying to keep perspective. Morning sickness sucks. But is not on the same level as cancer. Duh.

Anyhow. The meds aren't really working yet. I'm hoping it's something that has to be in my system for a while.

Last night before falling asleep I blurted out, "what if I'm so sick because we're having twins."
Jim giggled.
I said, "no really... what if we have twins."
"I think that would be an oh shit moment."
"mmmm hmmmm."
"And you'd have really sore nipples."

In non-pregnancy related news, Jim dressed Willa today. She's wearing a dress and tights and pigtails. I think she was prancing this morning, and I fully expected her to bust in to West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty."

Monday, March 17, 2008

The kids

Willa gettin' her Irish on.

Artists rendering of the embryo at 8 weeks, getting it's evil genius on.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out and about

Yesterday on the way home, Willa yelled out "DANCE" at the intersection by our house, and then started whining. There's a tax preparation place there, and usually either the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam have been standing there dancing and encouraging motorists to wave. Does this make any of you very sad too? Anyhow, Willa noticed the absence our our local entertainment and was disappointed.

She also called her grandpa a nice lady. She's calling everyone a nice lady - even the dogs.

We did go for a walk last night, and it was wonderful. At the end of our block, we saw two white ducks (my sister would call them farm ducks) hanging in someone's backyard. I don't know if this is an Easter thing, or if they're wild and migrating, or if our neighbors have new pets. I'm sure once it hit's 50 degrees, our neighborhood busybody will fill us in. It was great to be out as a family on a walk, then I got cocky and put Willa on my shoulders uphill. On the couch again for the evening after. Moderation.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


"How are you?"
"I'm feeling GREAT."
"Good, I - "
"I said, I'm feeling GREAT!"
"Oh! That's so good to hear! Want to go for a walk after we all get home?"
"How about a run?"

I didn't expect relief so quick, but here it is. Saying quiet "thank yous" all day long.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Relief in sight

When emailing Heather (hi Heather) a little update from Camp Sinki I told her I hadn't been feeling great. The next sentence started "other than that..." And when I realized that right now my life doens't allow for a whole lot of other than that, it was time to call in the reinforcements.

I saw my doctor this morning for our scheduled 1st pregnancy appointment. She said, "you look great!" I said, "I feel like crap." She immediately started writing out a script. I did not make out with her.

I really like this doctor a whole bunch. She respects my perspective, is a member of the team, makes sure all of my questions are asked and answered. And she hugged me. She's a mom who is also a doctor, and gave me some great suggestion to help get Willa ready.

Anyhow, first doctors appointment? Check.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Homer Simpson is my embryo

At 7 weeks, Future Sinki is the size of a blueberry. Above you'll see what a 7 week old foot and hand look like. One too many digits for the Simpsons, perfection in real life.

We had a good weekend that included a trip to the zoo yesterday. Willa chose to run over a stroller ride. The zoo's neighborhood Dairy Queen was open. Also perfection in real life.

Dear health insurance company,

Please consider this my withdrawal request for the IV Vernors claim. I have found the oral dosing to have no positive health affects. Also, the ginger candies and the Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours will be prorated, giving value to days they work.
We will, however, be proceeding with the request for reimbursement for Wendy's french fries. It seems that they may be the only thing that stays down in my delicate state.
As for the laundry detergent, I will submit it to my health flex plan. I understand that poor bladder control is a pre-existing condition from my prior pregnancy and birth, and that you simply can not be responsible for the fact that when I vomit, I also pee a little*.
Blanco de Sinki

*Sorry folks, this is going to be part pregnancy journal for a while, drips and all.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My mom made me throw up.

"Just calling to see how my pregnant daughter is doing."
A minute later I was in the bathroom.

My streak of no vomiting ends at 6 weeks, 2.5 days. It was a good run.

Full sleepover mode

After both Jim and I put Willa back in her crib a combined 5 times, I hear a noise.
"Is her door moving?"
"Nope, it's still almost closed."

A half hour later, I get up to brush my teeth. Willa's door is still almost closed. Curiously, so is ours. I slowly push it open and find Willa lying on my side of the bed, cradling her bunny, the Adventures of Curious George open next to her. Her eyes are nearly shut, but she's awake. I don't know if I woke her up by coming in the room, or if she hadn't slept yet.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"No mommy butt. Mommy feet. Juice."
Willa was up at 5:30 this morning. Which meant everyone was. I brought her to bed, hoping she'd go right back to sleep. Instead she wriggled and talked and whined. To earn her keep in bed, she's also wrap both arms around my head and breathe on me. Eventually, it was too much. I turned my back while she dozed, but in doing so woke her up. She pawed at my back for a while hoping I'd turn back around, and eventually found her stuffed bunny and fell back to sleep.

Completely unrelated, as I was leaving daycare yesterday morning, there was a couple in the entry waiting to be let in. She was obviously pregnant, and I assumed they were there to check the place out. It's always awkward when you go out the security door (protected by a secret code) and someone's on the other side, waiting to be buzzed in. I've decided that no matter how it looks, I won't let anyone in. I've seen after school specials where a bitter adult kidnaps a child they no longer have custody of. And I don't want to be a part of that. These folks understood, and were happy about me not holding the door.
That afternoon, I was leaving the grocery store and saw the same woman loading her groceries. Small random world.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's coming.

The sunlight is bouncing off of the snowbanks outside of my window. After yesterday's gloomy rainy day, the snowbanks have a hard frosty cover. I think I've seen old Jello act this way.
The snow is dirty now, having stayed too long.

So far March is somewhat lamb-like. We were spared a snow last night, but should get some tonight.

Our neighbors still have their Christmas decorations up. In this way they've earned Willa's title of "Santa Clause's house." On the side of their house, where our driveway is, I've noticed their day lilies sprouting in the most hopeful pale shade of green.

Another February is over. And now we can move on, and dig out kites, and be on alert for crocus. Spring might not be right around the most immediate corner, but we're in the right neighborhood.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Like a hibernating bear on a nature show

It was completely different the last time.

For example, Jim and I lived 2 hours apart during the week. These are the days when he worked for NASCAR and I held down the fort. The fort being myself and the 2 dogs.

And now here he is, and there's Willa - I know you probably didn't see her zip by. That trail of Mardi Gras-esque beads and sweet potato crumbs? Her doing.

So, they live in the house with me. And they're not always as inclined as the dogs to tuck themselves behind my knees and nap with me. First trimester narcolepsy is in full force, and because I live with my family, there's no privacy in my exhaustion.

And I keep telling Jim "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" for not being able to keep up.

And then I got an email from the baby website that reminded me that basically, I've got a lentil sized parasite that makes my body emit hormones that cause fatigue and morning sickness.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record. But this is where I'm at right now. It'll get better, and then I'll have more riveting content.

Here, look. A recent photo of fun with the owl tent: