Thursday, March 06, 2008

Full sleepover mode

After both Jim and I put Willa back in her crib a combined 5 times, I hear a noise.
"Is her door moving?"
"Nope, it's still almost closed."

A half hour later, I get up to brush my teeth. Willa's door is still almost closed. Curiously, so is ours. I slowly push it open and find Willa lying on my side of the bed, cradling her bunny, the Adventures of Curious George open next to her. Her eyes are nearly shut, but she's awake. I don't know if I woke her up by coming in the room, or if she hadn't slept yet.


Anonymous said...

Have you told her yet? because she knows something is going on with Momma!~Jen

Anonymous said...

you must of been on the bad ear side..
hug monkey for me.
luv ya

AmyinMotown said...

OK, I thought the sleep regression Maggie went through when I was newly pregnant had something to do with her being two and a half, but Willa is younger. Maybe it IS having to do with Mama's new pregnancy!

I hope so greatly for you that it doesn't last as long as ours did. At least you're not dealing with 95 degree temps everyday --there's one reason to not mind winter so much. I was about a month behind you with Maggie and it was ideal to have second trimester bridging the summer instead of first or third. Now I'll just pray your little darling sleeps so you can! And also that the pukes go away quickly. I dodged that bullet, and I have to imagine it's not fun since even the nausea was NOT a walk in the park. Ginger saved me with Maggie, sour stuff with Will.