Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Relief in sight

When emailing Heather (hi Heather) a little update from Camp Sinki I told her I hadn't been feeling great. The next sentence started "other than that..." And when I realized that right now my life doens't allow for a whole lot of other than that, it was time to call in the reinforcements.

I saw my doctor this morning for our scheduled 1st pregnancy appointment. She said, "you look great!" I said, "I feel like crap." She immediately started writing out a script. I did not make out with her.

I really like this doctor a whole bunch. She respects my perspective, is a member of the team, makes sure all of my questions are asked and answered. And she hugged me. She's a mom who is also a doctor, and gave me some great suggestion to help get Willa ready.

Anyhow, first doctors appointment? Check.


Christina said...

Wow! sounds like a great doctor and what a relief that there is soemthing you can take! Care to spill some of the advice she gave you about getting Willa ready? if you get aminute, can you email me or post a comment or post on one of the boards? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

terrific! yahoo for great doctors! and thanks for the mention in your blog :) Hope the medicine is doing it's thing~hgh

Kerri said...

Your doctor sounds pretty awesome (wink)!

apt said...

Christina - specifically, she suggested that we get Willa a small bag of self-directed toys that she can only play with while baby's breastfeeding.

AmyinMotown said...

Why didn't MY doctor do this??? He had his second when I was pregnant with Maggie and since has had another. MEN :-). Hug your doctor for me, since that's a great idea. My mom and dad gave her a baby doll to take care of when I am taking care of Will, but Ms. Tomboy isn't all that interested.