Thursday, March 13, 2008

Out and about

Yesterday on the way home, Willa yelled out "DANCE" at the intersection by our house, and then started whining. There's a tax preparation place there, and usually either the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam have been standing there dancing and encouraging motorists to wave. Does this make any of you very sad too? Anyhow, Willa noticed the absence our our local entertainment and was disappointed.

She also called her grandpa a nice lady. She's calling everyone a nice lady - even the dogs.

We did go for a walk last night, and it was wonderful. At the end of our block, we saw two white ducks (my sister would call them farm ducks) hanging in someone's backyard. I don't know if this is an Easter thing, or if they're wild and migrating, or if our neighbors have new pets. I'm sure once it hit's 50 degrees, our neighborhood busybody will fill us in. It was great to be out as a family on a walk, then I got cocky and put Willa on my shoulders uphill. On the couch again for the evening after. Moderation.


Anonymous said...

You'll keep doing silly stuff like that all through your pregnancy. You still have to be a mom to Willa, and that's what you would normally do. So just don't go crazy. . .yes, moderation is the key.

Isn't it great to go outside? with sun. Love it!~Jen

Anonymous said...

at least it wasn't 2 swans running after your butt...