Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 2

After spending 3 hours at work, I'm going back to bed. These last 2 days are the first I've missed at work because of the parasite - I mean our sweet child to be.
First trimester is set to end on 4.27. What a sweet birthday present that will be.

Jim's back has been out for a few days, but he's doing better again.

The Sinkis are only slightly falling apart at the seams.

Tim - think plastic lunch boxes would be okay? For vegetarians, I mean.
Kerri - you've found me out.


Kerri said...

Rest up. Tomorrow's another day, and hopefully a better feeling one.

Anonymous said...

get your rest... i am sorry that your real identity has been discovered. ~hgh

Rach said...

I wondered what happened to you! Feel better.