Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sick, x2? and a cutie

On Sunday evening I began taking Zofran, the prescription medication for nausea. It's what chemo patients take for relief. My weariness and the crazy hormones had me nearly in tears while I was reading the directions. Morning sickness is no picnic. But it will end, at the very latest when we have a new baby. Chemo patients don't have a very happy reason for feeling sick. So, I'm trying to keep perspective. Morning sickness sucks. But is not on the same level as cancer. Duh.

Anyhow. The meds aren't really working yet. I'm hoping it's something that has to be in my system for a while.

Last night before falling asleep I blurted out, "what if I'm so sick because we're having twins."
Jim giggled.
I said, "no really... what if we have twins."
"I think that would be an oh shit moment."
"mmmm hmmmm."
"And you'd have really sore nipples."

In non-pregnancy related news, Jim dressed Willa today. She's wearing a dress and tights and pigtails. I think she was prancing this morning, and I fully expected her to bust in to West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty."


Christina said...

Darn! I keep thinking I have two but my pictures keep proving me wrong! I hope your meds kick in soon!!

Keri said...

I hope the Zofran is kicking in any second now.

Maribeth said...

Hope the meds have kicked in for you.