Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you there God? It's me, Amy.

3 am
"Um.. I don't know if my city has met the quota for mercy or miracles for the day. And thanks, by the way, for helping out with that helicopter crash. Woo, that could have been really bad, eh? Anyhow... if you could help inspire Willa to sleep, that would be great. Or maybe just help her out with keeping a diaper on? Or give me a little more patience or energy to deal with this? Uh... God, hold on... Willa was screaming - again - about the diaper injustice, and she threw up on me. But you probably knew that, didn't you?"
3:05 am
"Hi... me again. Thanks for the help. Getting her to giggle while I washed the vomit off of her face? Genius. "

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mean spam, up late

Willa decided she was done with diapers.
At 11:30 last night.
There was no mess, just a playful, headstrong 2 year old and her mom with some significant pregnancy related back/hip discomfort.

Jim's away for the Summer Games.

I'm too tired to write more than this:
I got a spam email at work today. The subject was, "you look really stupid amy.sinki." Well, not Sinki. The spammers used my real last name. Ouch spammers; can't we go back to the good ole days of enhanced erections?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Small things

We have returned from the North. Willa's been excited about our "big trip," and I don't think it
disappointed her.
We started off driving up to Higgens Lake to drop the dogs off with my parents at their cottage. While driving away, Willa started to whimper about "ArloGreta." When we told her we'd see them on the next day, and that we were going to ride the boat, she calmed down.
She loved the ferry ride to Mackinac Island. She stood still with her mouth open when we docked and she saw a team of horses. And another, and another.
There is a lot that I hope to capture here from the long weekend, but here's one blip.

Jim's dad was kind enough to invite us to join them for brunch at the Grand Hotel. This is why I packed a dress (and nylons). It's a dressy lunch. There was a 5 course buffet with deliciously prepared and beautifully displayed food. While the adults oohed and aahed over the desserts, Willa discovered and became infatuated with... Jello. It was mounted atop wedges of cantelope. She ignored the fruit and when we stood to leave the table, we left behind 8 cantelope wedges. Orange is her favorite.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Turnip Sinki

Our baby, according to the website that sends me a weekly email, is the size of a turnip. Nothing brings on the proud and honored glow of a mother-to-be like thinking of her baby as a turnip.

The Sinki's had a great weekend. We went to the Kite Festival in Grand Haven on Saturday. Willa liked the "dancing kites" (there are music coordinated routines; it's serious stuff, this kite festival) and the "big sandbox" (that would be Lake Michigan's beach). Jim and I learned that feeding a toddler peanut butter and jelly at the beach probably requires a higher water temp. for a comfortable dunking. Because baby wipes do not clean off the sand/jelly epoxy.

Later that night we went to Little Mexico for dinner. The mariachi band was there, and Willa was riveted. She stared at them motionless the whole time they played in our room. When they walked on to a different part of the building, she wanted to follow.

Sunday brought us to Blanford Nature Center for some frog spotting and a nice, long walk in the woods. Willa picked up sticks and rocks along the way.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Willa's 2 babies

I asked Willa where her belly was. She patted it and said, "Willa's baby."
Then she pointed to the other side of her belly and said, "other baby. Two Willa's babies."
Around here, everyone is pregnant.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I love John Edwards post #42

The words from campaigning politicians move me. They talk about what our country could be with words in the dialect of hope, idealism, integrity, and resourcefulness.

John Edwards has a particular gift for public speaking and soul lifting. Last night he came to Grand Rapids and endorsed Barack Obama. Though I have publicly proclaimed my love for him, and mourned his suspension of campaign here, I was irritated with him for disappearing for a while. I was irritated with him finally endorsing after it appears that Clinton's campaign - a race arguably well run - is nearly at an end. And then he spoke.

I sat at the kitchen table with my husband and daughter crying over my grilled cheese. This is the man who has the map to the America I want to live in, to raise my children in. And his leadership will be in other offices, for the time being at least. I cried because he'll be "the one who got away" for our country, and I cried because what he said was so darn beautiful.

Then Obama spoke, and it - for me - was kind of a let down. Similar to the currently touring Elvis Costello opening for the Police, I feel like the line up is backwards.

Grand Rapids and Michigan may be the location of the start of the One Democratic Party, it might be the start of One America. Edwards and Obama both mentioned Clinton's name several times in touching moving forward to make America better.

Last night, my temporary political apathy, community apathy, American apathy went away.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

16 weeks = avacado

I am 16 and a half weeks pregnant today.

The last time I was 16 and a half weeks pregnant, things were different. I was the one in the big, poofy white dress. Jim was looking dashing in a tux.

On our wedding day, Jim and I said "I do" to each other and the family we had already started.

A baby was a happy chaotic surprise, an early wedding gift, and blessing.

What a luxury, this time around, to not go through final wedding plans while enduring morning sickness.

*Timeline: engaged 3/05, married 10/05, Willa born 4/06. The defensive part of me feels I need to share that we were happily engaged well before the baby news. When you don't do things by the "normal" time line, eyebrows tend to go up.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

At the start

Yesterday and 4 years ago I met Jim. I'm pretty sure I've written about that before, I'll go look later. The short version is this: he was doing sound at a concert that I dragged Heather to. Heather knew Jim from her days as a Domestic Problems fan-o-mite; he ran the soundboards as they slowly became better known.

Heather was happy to chat with him and his friend after the concert. I was antsy to get out of there and move on with our plans.

Last night we were walking back from our playground adventure. Willa went up the big steps and down the big slide on her own, Jim and I had just - for the first time - felt the baby moving from the inside (!), Arlo was letting Willa walk him on his leash. Greta led the pack. Jim squeezed my hand and said, "who would have thought we'd be married, with almost 2 kids, and 2 dogs, and so happy?"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day got it's official recognition thanks to a woman who wasn't a mother. For more an interesting one minute read, go here.

Growing up, mother's day meant breakfast in bed for mom (some years), a school-made gift and later flowers, and a visit to each grandparent's house to bestow upon our beloved grandmothers, the annual hanging basket of fuchias (paid for, until later in my youth, by mom and dad).

I am a mother now, and have seen the television commercials for diamond necklaces "from" three year olds. On my in-law's kitchen counter yesterday, there was a hanging basket of flowers that was bigger than some front yards. Next to a $5 greeting card that plays some pop tune.
I don't get this. It's the commercialism of motherhood, and it seems the marketing department is doing a good job convincing some of my peers that we are "owed."
(Thanks to Beth for a little feedback that helped me understand my own thoughts a little better. Many moms deserve to be spoiled. I suppose it's the feeling of entitlement that irks me.)

The original gift for mothers day? A single white carnation that signified pure love.

Yesterday morning Jim and Willa brought me breakfast in bed. With a card that he and Willa had made. Willa scaled the bed and sat across from me. First she played with the lilacs Jim had placed in water on the tray. Then she poked my toast. The pieces with the strawberry jelly. Next, she ate that piece, and got crumbs all over the bed. My side of the bed.

And that is what motherhood is all about, isn't it?

Later, after sweet Jim picked up the tray and went to clean the kitchen, Willa laid next to me, wrapped her arms around my head, and kissed my nose.

Better than any carnation. Though later in the week, we'll be going out to the garden center to pick up some flowers for our DIY hanging basket. Yesterday's gloomy rain wasn't inspiring for us to make the annual trip yesterday.

Later this week, I'll be seeing my mom (who might be finding this out for the first time here), and I'll hope to bestow some flower or other small gift that signifies how appreciative I am of the shared toast with jelly and crumb oversight in the past. And all of the support, kindnesses, and love in the present and future.

I might even kiss her nose. I hope and know she's not expecting a diamond necklace.

Friday, May 09, 2008


On the way home tonight, we saw a truck pulling an open trailer full of dirt. Willa yelled, "Mama! Sandbox on the road!"

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Toddler secrets, revealed

Green grapes? Boring... Green grapes on a toothpick? Fun! Delicious! More, please.
(Willa is now regularly saying "please" and "thank you.")

Socks are for suckers. Shoes too.

If you want to stay up just a little later, cuddle into mom (or dad) while reading what they've declared to be the last book of the night, and say, in the smallest voice possible, "more stories please." Works like a charm.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Worth 1,000 words?

Your assignment: leave a comment to caption this photo. Best comment wins... tomato seedlings.
Contest ends Mon. May 12. Need not be present to win.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sinki update

Brother Brian is graduated. It was something to see him in a cap and gown.
Among his class was Ernie Harwell who received an honorary degree. He spoke for 2 minutes to accept the degree. I think they should have had him announcing the graduates (they only read the names of Doctorate and Masters grads). While the wind ensemble played "Pomp and Circumstance" over, and over, and well, there were 2,000 graduates, so there was a lot of pomp, my dad flipped through the doctoral thesis' in the program. One newly minted PhD did his on "the affects of blunt force trauma on a human cadaver head." Which leads me to wonder if someone passed him a name and # for a good therapist.
Anyhow, Brian is now ready to teach the next generation about past generations, so if you're looking for a history teacher, let me know.

Lisa and I overheard mom saying several times to our dad something about their "two pregnant daughters." Which was kind of fun.

Bill and Jac were there. I'm looking forward to their summer break for them. I will never say teachers have it easy.

MaKenna and Willa played. Willa was pretty antisocial. This is probably in part due to the diagnosis we got on our way home (made it to Urgent Care minutes before they closed) of a double ear infection and pink eye. She's doing better today. This morning she told me, "mama, poopy eyes, all done." "Goopy, Willa. You mean goopy eyes."

We had a nice day together yesterday. Her feeling sick brought her energy level about to where I could handle her alone all day. We watched Sesame Street and ate canned peaches. She patted my belly and said, "hi baby." She put her index finger in her belly button and said, "Willa's baby." "Does she get it?" people ask me. Some days I think yes, other days I think she thinks the new baby that is coming to live with us arrived when Grandma and Grandpa T. gave her her new doll baby.

Jim and I were back at the doctors today for happier reasons. It was my 15 week appointment. Our apple sized fetus (apple being a random size, it's about 4" now) had a quickly detectible heart rate of 156 beats a minute. Our ultrasound is in T-minus 4 weeks.

Friday, May 02, 2008

I don't think we're doing it right

Willa's been requesting "time out" lately.
When she's been caught feeding the dogs at the table, "time out?"
When she's bored at the table, "time out?"
Last week she got frustrated and slapped me, "time out?"
I'm not sure this is working the way it should.

On the other hand, is it possible her 2 year old brain knows when she needs to be removed from a situation for a little while?

A few other things:
  • This week #2 has been the size of a lemon, and I keep forgetting to tell y'all.
  • The baby bunnies are gone. No traces of foul play. They're just gone.
  • Brother Brian graduates from Wayne State tomorrow. I hope there's the perfect high school looking for a history teacher for the fall. I also hope it doesn't rain tomorrow - outdoor ceremony.
  • The Sinkis are looking forward to a trip to Mackinac Island later this month. I have a few weeks to get over my pregnancy induced chocolate aversion.
  • No matter how long I live in GR, the first Friday of the month at noon tornado siren testing freaks me out for a minute. In "the homeland" it's the first Saturday of the month at 1, I think. Guess what just went off? Guess who jumped in her seat?