Friday, May 30, 2008

Are you there God? It's me, Amy.

3 am
"Um.. I don't know if my city has met the quota for mercy or miracles for the day. And thanks, by the way, for helping out with that helicopter crash. Woo, that could have been really bad, eh? Anyhow... if you could help inspire Willa to sleep, that would be great. Or maybe just help her out with keeping a diaper on? Or give me a little more patience or energy to deal with this? Uh... God, hold on... Willa was screaming - again - about the diaper injustice, and she threw up on me. But you probably knew that, didn't you?"
3:05 am
"Hi... me again. Thanks for the help. Getting her to giggle while I washed the vomit off of her face? Genius. "


Christina said...

I'm sorry! Hopefully this is just a brief phase! But you still made me laugh!

Maribeth said...

Hope you have better luck this weekend!

Unknown said...


Keri said...

Ick, sounds like a rough night. I hope you've been able to get more sleep the last couple of nights.

Em said...

I am curious how it went this weekend.

Did the Sinki's finally sleep? :o)