Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sinki update

Brother Brian is graduated. It was something to see him in a cap and gown.
Among his class was Ernie Harwell who received an honorary degree. He spoke for 2 minutes to accept the degree. I think they should have had him announcing the graduates (they only read the names of Doctorate and Masters grads). While the wind ensemble played "Pomp and Circumstance" over, and over, and well, there were 2,000 graduates, so there was a lot of pomp, my dad flipped through the doctoral thesis' in the program. One newly minted PhD did his on "the affects of blunt force trauma on a human cadaver head." Which leads me to wonder if someone passed him a name and # for a good therapist.
Anyhow, Brian is now ready to teach the next generation about past generations, so if you're looking for a history teacher, let me know.

Lisa and I overheard mom saying several times to our dad something about their "two pregnant daughters." Which was kind of fun.

Bill and Jac were there. I'm looking forward to their summer break for them. I will never say teachers have it easy.

MaKenna and Willa played. Willa was pretty antisocial. This is probably in part due to the diagnosis we got on our way home (made it to Urgent Care minutes before they closed) of a double ear infection and pink eye. She's doing better today. This morning she told me, "mama, poopy eyes, all done." "Goopy, Willa. You mean goopy eyes."

We had a nice day together yesterday. Her feeling sick brought her energy level about to where I could handle her alone all day. We watched Sesame Street and ate canned peaches. She patted my belly and said, "hi baby." She put her index finger in her belly button and said, "Willa's baby." "Does she get it?" people ask me. Some days I think yes, other days I think she thinks the new baby that is coming to live with us arrived when Grandma and Grandpa T. gave her her new doll baby.

Jim and I were back at the doctors today for happier reasons. It was my 15 week appointment. Our apple sized fetus (apple being a random size, it's about 4" now) had a quickly detectible heart rate of 156 beats a minute. Our ultrasound is in T-minus 4 weeks.


Christina said...

Whoo! double ear infection & pink eye! I hope she is feeling better. I know there is a lot going around right now. We have two runny noses at our house.

AmyinMotown said...

YUCK. Ear infections are my enemy. Maggie just got over pink eye, and both Paul and I think we have it now, poopy eyes indeed.

COngrats to your brother, GO WARRIORS! (WSU grad here too, as is my husband for his MSW).

I'm not commenting on the next post because the picture is so cute I have no words. I can't come up with a caption! She is quite the character.

(oh yes, and for a long time I think Maggie thought our baby would be Baby Henry, our younger nephew)