Friday, May 02, 2008

I don't think we're doing it right

Willa's been requesting "time out" lately.
When she's been caught feeding the dogs at the table, "time out?"
When she's bored at the table, "time out?"
Last week she got frustrated and slapped me, "time out?"
I'm not sure this is working the way it should.

On the other hand, is it possible her 2 year old brain knows when she needs to be removed from a situation for a little while?

A few other things:
  • This week #2 has been the size of a lemon, and I keep forgetting to tell y'all.
  • The baby bunnies are gone. No traces of foul play. They're just gone.
  • Brother Brian graduates from Wayne State tomorrow. I hope there's the perfect high school looking for a history teacher for the fall. I also hope it doesn't rain tomorrow - outdoor ceremony.
  • The Sinkis are looking forward to a trip to Mackinac Island later this month. I have a few weeks to get over my pregnancy induced chocolate aversion.
  • No matter how long I live in GR, the first Friday of the month at noon tornado siren testing freaks me out for a minute. In "the homeland" it's the first Saturday of the month at 1, I think. Guess what just went off? Guess who jumped in her seat?


Keri said...

I was just talking to my husband and as the sirens were going off he said, "You know, I don't think its a good idea to test the sirens when there are actually strong storms in the area." Good point.

Sounds like Willa understands the general concept of time-outs.

AmyinMotown said...

I think it's a boy -- only because I had a brief chocolate aversion as well and one thing I never. ever. ever pass up eating is chocolate. A bad of choclate chunk chookies went begging for more than a month.

Sadie VK said...

Chase loves time out! I clip him into a special chair (because otherwise he just gets down), and he thinks it's a special treat or something. When I say "do you need to go to time out?" He nods and says "uh-huh!" Haha.

Chocolate aversion?? Who knew such a thing was possible!

And I agree about the siren testing. When I work at the dollar store, the siren is right down the street, and the sheer shrillness of it makes my stomach quiver a little bit. Especially since yesterday was gloomy and rainy already.

Maribeth said...

I'm with you on the Saturday at 1 pm for sirens. I was watching the news at noon when they were talking about a thunderstorm warning when the siren went off. When the weather is dark and dreary like that, they shouldn't test the sirens.

Anonymous said...

bugs ran in the basement on Sat at 1 o'clock. just can not get use to those things.

Anonymous said...

You are going to love the Mackinac Island trip. I hear they built a massive bridge between the lower & upper peninsula. They even light it up at night for the kids.

Jana said...

Oh, I remember that siren! Always scared me, too.