Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jim and Amy: photographers extrodinaire

When Willa was about 4 months old, we started looking to upgrade from the free digital camera Jim (who is not a big black man - HA, Sadie!) got as a result of working for NASCAR. It was a nice camera in that it was free. And small. Jim took this shopping around opportunity to convince me that we needed a Nikon D blah blah blah. It does not fit in my purse. But it takes some darn nice photos.
Above is a shot he took from the top of the slide at the playground near the 6th street bridge.
Below is a shot I took of what happens every evening when the setting sun comes though our front windows.

And what would Grand Rapids blog in April be without a shot of a butterfly at the Gardens? This one was kind of a joint process. I saw the shot, but lacked the height for the framing. Jim did the button pushing. I think this one is called a lace butterfly. It was my favorite kind this year.


Sadie VK said...

Yes! I got mentioned in this entry! Haha. I'm loving all the photography in my nestie friends' blogs. It's really inspiring me to upgrade from my little point and shoot camera, too. I think I might ask for a real camera for my birthday. My dad is a professional photographer, so he should be able to pick me out something good!

Oh, and you're so right that no true West Michigan photographer would let a spring go by without the obligatory "butterfly from the gardens" picture. :-)

Kerri said...

Nice photos. I like the first one. Very creative.

Keri said...

Cool pictures! And Sadie's comment totally cracked me up!

Christina said...

These are gorgeous!!! I didn't get anything free for my dance with "W."! Now you have to tell me which "D" it is that you own if you get a chance. Yay for another Nikon girl! I still love that camera even if it doesn't fit in my purse :-)