Monday, April 14, 2008

Small box, big kindness

A few quick things:
We took Willa to see "Horton Hears a Who" at the theater on Saturday. She sat and enjoyed all but the last 10 minutes. At that point, I think she realized there were other people there, and it was a very big room. So, for the last 10 minutes she walked up and down 3 steps and enjoyed the movie. Big fan of movie popcorn, that Willa.
We also gave her the birthday presents we've been storing. The play dough station and art table were big hits. She loves her tricycle. After we get a push bar installed, we'll all have big fun outside with it. Photos to come.

In the gift-opening chaos, she opened THE box. I was reading, and Jim was reading, and she wandered over to us with the box half open. Jim asked if I was all right with that. I was torn, but she moved faster than I could decide.

When my Grandma Laws died, I got most of her yarn. I intended to learn the art of making a long colorful string into something wearable, but alas, my first and only project can best be described as long and brown that widens at odd places.

I am on a message board with other area moms. When I finally admitted to myself that long and brown would never be even a wearable scarf, I asked about places to donate the yarn. One of the moms replied that her Grandmother knits prayer shawls the hospital that Willa was born at. I ended up dropping off a very large bag of yarn in the ER for her.

A few months later Amanda, the mom (hi Amanda), wrote to let me know that the yarn had been made into baby hats. My thoughts went to the hat(s 2- lucky girl) that Willa got she she was born, and then a year later, sitting with Amanda (a near stranger at the time) while she was in the hospital worried that her own baby would be born too early (adorable Addie just turned a year old), and then the future when Jim and I would welcome our second child. Pregnancy hormones and a strong sentimental streak had me tearing up. My grandma would be tickled knowing that her yarn would be used to nuzzle the heads of so many newborns.

Willa opened the box and pulled out a teeny knit hat. Orange and green (perfect for our near -Halloween baby). I started crying immediately. Jim handed me a little handwritten note: "Because your Great Grandma would want you to have this."

Amanda went through great pains to make this precious gift a happy anticipatory surprise. She used her cousin's address and not her own, knowing I'd look it up, knowing I wouldn't find anything. She also shared that she didn't think I'd make it until October. Sweet, fun, sneaky Amanda, thank you, and your Grandma so, so much.


Christina said...

What a sweet story. Can't wait to see a picture! That Amanda is a little sneak isn't she!

Amanda said...

It was fun while it lasted :)

Anonymous said...

wow Amanda- good job! I love that Willa opened the box. That makes the story even more precious to me ~hgh

NotAppealing said...

Ahh! Crying! Amanda, that was so sweet! What a precious gift!

Kerri said...

This story is wonderful. What an amazing gesture.

I also wondered who knitted those darling little hats. When my brother and SIL had their baby, the hospital staff just told us volunteers made them. It's kinda nice to know that someone's Grandma makes them. Even if I only know her online.

Now I have to wait six months to see pics of the baby in her/his new hat. Can't wait.

AmyinMotown said...

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. What a nice thing to do.