Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunday's b-day party in review

We had 2 daffodils bloom on Willa's birthday. Every year for 3 years, I've noticed my favorite flower at the same time as Willa's "welcome to the world" anniversary. I've been scanning GR, and it's entirely possible that we may have the only 2 that have popped.

Due to illness and travel difficulties, the Sinki family of 3 has delayed celebrating Willa's birthday. She has not received her super cool gifts from her parents. We have not done anything small to celebrate - just the 3 of us. Saturday, I think.

She did, in fact turn two on Sunday, and enjoyed time with my side of the family. She got to see her grandparents, and her great grandpa, her uncles, her aunt and her cousin, MaKenna. The only one missing was the newly legit aunt Jac who was working in Traverse City over the weekend. She had a pink cake (she picked out strawberry frosting), and blew the candle out like a pro.

On the way home, she was over tired and hungry (but so tired and keyed up at the same time that she wouldn't eat anything). She cried for the first 20 minutes of the ride, and when she finally went to sleep, Jim and I thought we had a quiet 2 hours in front of us. And then we hit Lansing. We finally stopped in Portland, and spent an hour in the parking lot trying to get her to calm down. Time and a vanilla milkshake finally got to her, and when she finished it, she was smiling and chirping out random words and phrases. Turkey.


Keri said...

Happy birthday, Willa! Go easy on your parents with the terrible twos, okay?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Willa!

Christina said...

I think you're right about the daffodils. There are a bunch that come up at the zoo that I drive by every morning and they are nowhere near blooming (but are showing growth).

Anonymous said...

Finally a win!!! Go Tigers!

Maribeth said...

Ahh...poor little Willa. Too much excitment for one day. Poor mom and dad.

Hope you have a nice celebration this weekend.