Thursday, April 24, 2008

Being held hostage by a first grader

Last year we got new neighbors across the street. Jim and I don't know exactly who lives there, but we know it's at least a dad and a gaggle of younger kids. I think they're all girls. I don't think the girls live there full time.

In the fall they came over a few times to pet the dogs. There was no actual petting. There was a lot of building up courage and then running away screaming when one of the dogs licked a shin. Or blinked.

Last week the weather was fantastic, which meant the Sinkis soaked up a lot of outside time. One of the girls, a first grader named Tianna came over nearly every day as Willa and I were getting out of the car.

And now she won't leave us alone.

I like kids a whole bunch, but I also value having some quiet time with my own family. And I don't want to spend the summer ducking the neighborhood kids.

Any suggestions for gentle ways to suggest fewer visits? Jim and I really like Tianna. Willa really, really likes Tianna (who she calls banana), but we're not ready to adopt her, you know?


Keri said...

If it were me, I'd hide in my house. But that's obviously not a very good solution. I love how Willa calls the little girl "Banana" though. Cute!

Amber said...

Two summers ago we had a neighbor boy, Kevin, that stopped by all the time to play with Samina. I felt like I was babysitting him most of the time. I don't have any suggestions but I know how it goes. ~I was also pregnant then too!

Anonymous said...

Talk to Banana's mother. Or say,
"Sweetheart, you need to go home."

apt said...

The thing is, I don't think mom lives there. And dad's not always home. There's not a whole lot of obvious structure there.
On Saturday I told them it was time to go, and Tianna said she wasn't sure if their house was open. This brings up a whole different set of issues.

Anonymous said...

Is it a bad kind of lack of structure? How many kids and should they really be left alone??? I totally understand the pickle that your in.. I wish I was being stalked by a first grader.. my stalker is sixteen and she disparately wants to babysit my kid. The thing is she's told me that she's bipolar and sees a shrink. She also wears black facepaint/makeup and is constantly seen in a hoodie with the words, "Hate me" on the front. I'm afraid if I go to her mother she won't believe a word I say. (She's been caught lying to my face.) If Tianna seems to be in danger or constantly unsupervised, I'd call Child Protective Services. You can make an anonymous compliant. Maybe get someone to come out and take a look. ~B

apt said...

At this point, I don't think the girls are in any harm, nor are they neglected.

Amanda said...

Sounds like my neighbors.... including the dog interaction! We close the garage door before we get out of the house!

Christina said...

I know my in-laws will tell their older grandkids to go home when they get tired of them. Maybe you just need to tell her it's time to go home.

I feel awful about the other part and that puts you in such a pickle. I was wondering if maybe she was not getting something at home so she's coming over to your house. I'm not sure what the right answer is.

I'm laughing at "Banana" too!