Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I don't know who you are. Almost 2 months ago, I took a test that confirmed that there were hormones in my body that meant you were were. Probably. And your presence certainly has affected how I've been feeling since about that day. But that was all chemicals.

Today I finally had some real evidence that you're in there. It took a long time as the doctor moved the wand across my belly. I had the chance to say some silent pleading prayers. Time to start to worry. And just about the time I was trying to stop my heart so we could hear yours... there you were. Squimy and shy, but with a strong heartbeat of 160 beats a minute.

Tears streamed down my face as I looked at your dad, grinning in the corner.


Keri said...

Aw, what an incredibly sweet post! You almost made me cry. :-)

Anonymous said...

awe! yahoo for strong heartbeats. i hope your fog has lifted in your head. :)~hgh

Sadie VK said...

That is so sweet, Amy. Congratulations!

Em said...

Yippity, skippity! Isn't it nice to know there is something really in there?