Friday, February 29, 2008

mad props to Jim

I've been absent from embryo induced hybernation.

Last night I was awake until 9:30. I started to point that out to Jim and started snoring and drooling in mid-sentence. Jim, by the way is the family hero lately. He's been picking up all the slack that I'm leaving with... zzzzzzzz... oops.

Anyhow, Jim: here he is holding MaKenna above penguins. That's his cape. On it is for S. S stands for super Sinki.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Like an everything bagel, my uterus...

So, at 5 weeks and 2 days, our little embryo is the size of a sesame seed. Which is a lot bigger than the 4 week old poppy seed.
Funny how something so small can make me feel so exhautsted and nauseous. Like I've run 5 marathons. On a ship at sea. In the middle of high winds.
Today I had my first appointment with the nurse. It was a rerun from almost 3 years ago. Except this time I had a (nearly) 2 year old rummaging around in my purse and putting gallons of hand lotion on herself. Willa tagged along for a booster shot, and did great.
She left with a sticker, and I left with 2 pounds of paperwork.

Friday, February 22, 2008

checks and balances

We were sitting on her floor, getting ready for the morning. Socks: "MEEEEEE DOOOOOOO!" Shirt: on with some help. Pants: still my department, she can't do it herself.
After I buttoned her pants, she stroked my cheek with the back of her hand and said, "you nice" and then tumbled into my lap for a hug.

I promptly melted into a puddle which Jim had to Shop Vac up.

It's been a long week at Camp Sinki. Willa's on a whole new independence and testing boundaries kick.

Jim asked her not to come in the kitchen while he was installing the last (!!) cabinet. We watched her put one toe of one foot on the kitchen floor and look at him like, "what are you going to do about that?"

When I tell her to sit down in her booster seat, she growls. And then cracks up like, "just kidding, mom. I'm not being a jerk."

When it's time for bed and we snuggle for books, she'd rather look at pictures. When we start with pictures, she'd prefer books. And definitely not the ones that are already in the room.

She's frustrated that we don't understand her all of the time. She's whining, and instantly bursting into tears more.

She's healthy(ish). It's just a phase.

And we're doing okay with this. I know it's part of her becoming her own person who is capable of doing things and making decisions. Dealing with her mood swings, the screaming in my ear... actually kind of fun, in a sadistic way.

What has made this week more rough is the constant feeling of dull nausea, and the depth of wishing I could take a nap. All the time. Here's hoping for a kinder, gentler first trimester than last time around. Because in this case the devil I know? Not a pleasant guy.

In the meantime, my daughter thinks I'm nice. And my husband keeps calling me his hot pregnant wife. And the cabinets are up. And it's sunny.

Life is, all around, pretty awesome right now.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"It must have been that woodchuck party," said my Grandpa

A brand new Sinki is expected near October 26.
I'm pregnant, and we're radiating joy.
It's early, and our fingers are crossed very tightly.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It continues

This morning Willa was in bed with about 12 stuffed animals of various size. And a pile of books. Our child is a sleep hoarder.
Last night I checked on her before going to bed myself. She was peacefully sleeping. On the ground.

Also, I have spotted Robins. And it's a good thing I have good health insurance because Spotted Robins is expensive to treat. Kidding. I saw Robins last night. A whole flock of 9, feathers fully fluffed against the wind. I don't know what they're doing here already. These early birds aren't getting any worm unless they dig 10 " under the snow and somehow chip away at the frozen tundra of our soil.

Spring, be here soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Willa did not want to go to sleep.
I put her in her crib, she stood up.
I laid her back down, kissed her forehead, and walked out.
Peeking through her doorway, I saw her stand up, throw a leg over the crib rail, slide down the crib, pull a book out of the bookcase, throw the book into the crib, and climb back into the crib to page through the book.
This morning, I found the book on the floor, but Willa was cuddled up to a stuffed bunny who wasn't in bed with her when I tucked her in.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Keys: found! Jim found them in a snow chunk between where I park and the house. Phew.

Last night Jim's parents watched Willa while we went out on a date. I'm not one to celebrate the holiday de Halmark, but I'm also not one to turn down time with Jim in a conversation that isn't interrupted by, "no, we don't put pudding on the dog's tail. No... not milk either." We went to the movies and saw "Charlie Wilson's War." The movie was well done. Wanna learn more about Russia invading Afganistan in the 1980's and the underground movement on the part of the US to get the Russians out? Go see it. Wanna see Phillip Seamour Hoffman in a fantastic role? Go see it. Know what else I liked? Sharing popcorn and knee squeezes with my husband. We um... well, we don't get out a lot alone.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sol good

We were up early. I was determined to be on time. Snow and ice has been making it tough. I was out shoveling, Jim was in the shower. Willa was going to be on track. I did, in fact rock! I was so excited about not feeling anxious and rushed on the way to work.
And then it came time to find my keys. The ones I just used to get the snowbrush out of my car. Lost. Probably in a snowbank. Growl.
I drove to Willa to daycare practically in tears, I felt so defeated. The 30 minute key search ate up all of the time we gained by waking up early.
Willa and I walked in and her friend greeted her by name, and hugged her. And it made me so darn happy.
And the sun was shining. Sigh. Better.
Maybe it will melt a key collection sized hole in the snow?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Goodnight Willa

"In the great green room, there was a..."


"And a red..."


"And a picture -"


"of a... of a..."


"Jumping over the..."


We read Goodnight Moon every night, and Willa finishes every phrase. Adorability factor? High.

Our little exhibitionist

We were in Muskegon on Saturday for a Polar plunge fundraising event for Jim's organization. Willa and I went outside and watched 20 of the 70 participants jump into the lake, via a hole cut out of the ice.
It was too cold to stay out, so we went back inside. Willa took off her coat, sat down and started to eat her graham cracker. Then she set it down and started taking of her shirt.
"Willa! What are you doing?" I asked.
"Jump innda water, mama."

Later we were out for dinner. Willa and I were just coming back from the bathroom, where she successfully used the facilities. However, her diaper was wet, I didn't have a back up, and we were leaving in a minute, so I threw it away. It must have felt kind of weird to her to go diaper-less. As we weaved through the tables, I noticed Willa walking funny.
Because her pants were around her knees after she pulled them down to show daddy she wasn't wearing a diaper.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New totally radical trick

Just when I thought it was already tough to get Willa down for naps at home...

She has learned how to climb out of her crib. She's been testing for a while. Today, I was happily enjoying some time dreaming of kitchen backsplash ideas, when I hear toddler sized fingers prying open her door. When I got up to check on her, she was walking towards me holding her baby, stuffed Grover and Ernie, a bunny, and a sippy cup.

It took us 3 hours and several tantrums to get her to nap.

We. Are. Doomed.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

We needed provisions, and some air

I know!! 2 sinkis in one day! It's like the blog equal of leap year!

Last night after the majority of our 8+ inches fell, Jim, Willa, and I made the journey to our local grocery store for garbage bags and potatoes. We are but simple folk.
Willa enjoyed her sled ride down the street, around the corner and 2 blocks to the store. The cashier looked confused at our sled in the shopping cart, but understood when she saw Willa bundled up. "I've never seen that before... That's funny."

Might be time to put away the Amy Winehouse* CD

Willa and I have been listening to the first song every morning, not so much for lyrics, but for the strong, fun, funk/soul sounds.
Willa has started to sing along with the "no, no, no" part of her song rehab.
"They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said 'no, no, no'"
Time to get out some good ol' fashioned Aretha Franklin.

*Amy Winehouse: mess of a person, with substantial singing talent.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Groundhog wrapup

Groundhog's Day was on Saturday. Phil, of the Punxsutawney Phils, came out of his hole, saw his shadow (and a bunch of guys in top hats), and scurried back into his warm burrow. Thus damning us to 6 more weeks of winter.
However, check out Phil's competition in Howell, MI. I am dedicated to Phil. But I turn my head to the window and see that 5 of the 6 - 12" of snow predicted for today has arrived. So this year? My love goes to Woody who is a local, anyhow.
The sinki's hosted our 4th annual Groundhog's Day party on Saturday. We were charmed by friends and family stopping by with wonderful food and a fun time. My mom brought bling. My Grandpa was there. Our living room is small, and my anxiety lessened as people explored the basement - now labeled as a totally cool guy basement by one party goer. It was a fun party, and there are photos. Which darling Jim has in his computer but not publicly available yet.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I forgot to safety pin the zipper

"I love our daughter so much. Come in here, you have to see this, " said Jim while chortling (I'm pretty sure that was a chortle).
She was in her crib. Sound asleep. Stark naked.
Diaper on the floor. Sleeper at her feet, one foot still in.

Friday, February 01, 2008

blips I want to remember

Yesterday Willa and I entered her room at daycare. She unzipped her coat, handed it to me, and ran to sit with her friends for story time. She still had her fuzzy winter monkey hat on.

Lately when I peek in on her before going to bed myself, I find her baby doll (my old Cabbage Patch that she's adopted) lying on her belly on Willa's pillow. The doll is covered by a carefully placed, wrinkle free, all edges extended (fairly certain Willa will have OCD) baby blanket that we borrowed from the hospital to give our dogs a new sniff of newborn Willa. Willa's head is always on the far corner of her pillow. Last night I heard her talking to her doll while she was covering her up. "Night night, baby. See you 'omorrow..."