Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Willa did not want to go to sleep.
I put her in her crib, she stood up.
I laid her back down, kissed her forehead, and walked out.
Peeking through her doorway, I saw her stand up, throw a leg over the crib rail, slide down the crib, pull a book out of the bookcase, throw the book into the crib, and climb back into the crib to page through the book.
This morning, I found the book on the floor, but Willa was cuddled up to a stuffed bunny who wasn't in bed with her when I tucked her in.


Kerri said...

Wow, she's good! Just wait until she's 16 and it's the bedroom window she's climbing out of. Ok, maybe that was just me and my friends. ;)

Em said...

She is the Crib Scaler.

Wow. I would have probably had a coronary watching her get out and back in.

Time for a big girl bed?? Or might that lead to more distractions at night? Hmmm....Good luck with this one, Mom!

Christina said...

I read that earlier. That is such a cute story!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, she was in her bedroom . .quiet, and like you said self entertained. She knew where she was supposed to be because she got out and went back in. Don't look to bad at it. She probably didn't stay up too much longer after she read her story to her stuffed bunny.~jen