Monday, February 11, 2008

Our little exhibitionist

We were in Muskegon on Saturday for a Polar plunge fundraising event for Jim's organization. Willa and I went outside and watched 20 of the 70 participants jump into the lake, via a hole cut out of the ice.
It was too cold to stay out, so we went back inside. Willa took off her coat, sat down and started to eat her graham cracker. Then she set it down and started taking of her shirt.
"Willa! What are you doing?" I asked.
"Jump innda water, mama."

Later we were out for dinner. Willa and I were just coming back from the bathroom, where she successfully used the facilities. However, her diaper was wet, I didn't have a back up, and we were leaving in a minute, so I threw it away. It must have felt kind of weird to her to go diaper-less. As we weaved through the tables, I noticed Willa walking funny.
Because her pants were around her knees after she pulled them down to show daddy she wasn't wearing a diaper.


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Anonymous said...

Please don't send her to Grand Valley

apt said...

HA! Geez, you get one friend of mine flashing you at a bar, and suddenly all GVSU girls are exhibitionists...