Thursday, April 10, 2008

Curiosity and this cat

I am not good at surprises. No, let me edit that. I love to surprise people. I do not deal with surprise well.
Yesterday a box came to our house addressed to "Baby Taylor." I opened the cardboard box to find a square box in wrapping paper and a bow with directions taped to it. The directions, in big, bold letters, say "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH." The return address is: "it's a secret" in a Michigan city where I have no close friends of family. I did a reverse look-up of the address, and found no name.
So, now there's this box in our house that we can't unwrap until late October which is a little more than 6 months from today. Which, in the surprise corner of my brain is equal to forever.
And what if we wait and wait and wait, and on the blessed day that our second child arrives, we finally open the package - which by that time will certainly be resting on a pedestal with tasteful back lighting - and it's a onesie from Huggies?
So, what would you do if a mysterious package arrived at your door with instructions to not open for 6 months? And how good are you at delayed gratification?


--Lindsay-- said...

Wait, for sure! And what if it is a onesie? It'd be pretty funny to hype it up that much, right? :o)

Amanda said...

So, have you opened it yet?!?

I would open it... but then I think I would feel bad about it. So, I guess I don't think you should open it.

Keep us updated!

Sadie VK said...

Ahhhh!!! That would drive me crazy! And I didn't even think about it being a promotional item from a company. What a letdown that would be! You better make sure to let us know what it is when you DO finally open it. Be that October . . . or tomorrow. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I promise it isn't from me. Although I do have a birthday present for Willa I haven't got to mail yet. As for the surprise, I absolutely would not be able to wait and would have it open in less than a week. ~B

Keri said...

I would probably open it now. But I'm not good at surprises either, and I don't follow directions well either. :-) I think the suspense would kill me.

Or you could give it to a family member or friend and ask them to hang on to it so you don't have to look at it everyday.

Or, ask someone else to open it and then tell you if its worth it to wait until October before you open it. Then they could reseal it.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I would open it. If it ends up that it is from someone special... well then you have to decide whether to tell him or her or them that you couldn't resist. I wouldn't be able to wait 6 months either. ~hgh

Kami/The Elegant Elle said...

open, open, open! *chanting*

AmyinMotown said...

If this is a friend they HAVE to know there's no way you could wait six months. If it's a company, like you care what they think. OPEN :-). Now, mind you, I am someone who HAD TO read the epilogue of the last Harry Potter book before I started the actual book because I could not bear to wait to see if Harry (or Ron, who reminds me of my husband) lived.

Kerri said...

I'd want to open it so bad! I'd try to hold off as long as possible. Not sure if I could wait out six months though. Try to. It'll be so hilarious if it's promotional garbage.
I assume this means that you and Jim will find out the sex of the baby when you can, right?