Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old lefty...

She thinks a little differently than most. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six years ago, I woke up and went to the grocery store.  I felt like I was floating as I picked up fresh fruit and mini-muffins for my mom, my bridesmaids, and myself.  In my imagination, I was glowing like angels do in some Christmas movies.  With an beatific outward glow, and a serene smile, I paid for the food with exact change.  I wanted to tell everyone in the store that I was getting married that day.  I got to marry the best guy I had ever met.  I didn't tell them, because I thought it would slow the day down, and I was in a hurry!

Six years.  Still the best guy I've ever met.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Funny at 3

Henry's developing the best sense of humor.  He just came out of his room, giggling.  He stood in front of me with a huge grin.  He unzipped his footie pj's to reveal his pants from the day.  He ran out of the room laughing his head off.  "Just kidding!"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Busy week and a monster

This week and I are not friends.

On Sunday we have an open house, so we've been making our house look extra nice.  The carpet in our bedroom is gone (on a related note, I've earned a few calluses), and we're repainting.

I have my final weekend of my consulting class today and tomorrow.  The last weekend is always brutal.  There's a lot to cram into 3 weekends, and the final one always ends in a big test or project.  This project has been a group one, and for a bunch of counsellors in training, communication has been... well, there's room for improvement. 

Then there are 2 birthdays in our family in the next 4 days.  So, preparing.

Jim has obligations on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a while.  So, it was 2 against one last night.

Inconveniently it was also last night that my adorable son turned into a goblin.  I thought he wanted to be a robot for Halloween, so I'm caught off guard.  You know how people do amazing things?  The double amputee who builds houses?  The 90 year old who decides to learn how to read?  The child who had nothing growing up, but used some bootstraps to eventually own a Fortune 500 company? 

Henry was like that last night: his tantrum was awe-inspiring.  It lasted 2 hours (!).  He was like the Kenyan marathon runners of temper tantrums!  His whole body turned red.  He jumped and kicked and screamed.  There was a lot of sweat.  He didn't even take a water break.  Dude was committed to the tantrum.

For me it was scary, and frustrating, and funny, and exhausting all at once.  I finally got him to calm down by holding him tightly against me.  He gave a giant sigh, and       stopped.  


He rubbed my cheek, and whispered, "mom, I'm sorry.  I'm not bad, I'm just tired."


Some of you have already seen this, if that's the case... move along or reread, whatever.  It's your two minutes.
I've mentioned that through a local message board, I've made some really swell pals.  Yesterday one of them mentioned that she and her toddler son were dressed the alike.  Mom friends?  Does that happen a lot to you?  Because there have been many times that the kids and I are unintentionally dressed alike.  Case in point:
This was at my cousins' wedding, which was out of town. This means that I had to spend time picking and packing both my dress and Willa's. And the whole time, my unconscious is giggling at me, just waiting until I realized that we were wearing Mommy and Me outfits. That happened at the reception, 6 hours after getting dressed in the first place. Oye. I think Willa knew already. I mean, look at her face.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Homework Club

Last week, Willa brought home her first homework.  Her pals helped her out.