Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wise beyond 5

The kids and I watched an animated fable where an ailing lion king invites his subject to visit him and convince him why they should be the next ruler.  A fox did not visit the lion because when he got to the mouth of the cave dwelling, he noticed that there were footprints going in, but none going out.  It showed the lion surrounded by heaps of bones.
"That sneaky, bad lion, " I said.
Willa furrowed her brow.  I started to explain what the lion had done to his subjects, and she interrupted.
"I know what happened.  I wonder why you say he was bad.  Lions have to eat too, mom."

And then I had to explain what insightful meant.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Adventures

On Friday afternoon, I would have never guessed that the Sinkis would travel to every Applebees in central west Michigan over the weekend.  I would have not guessed that I'd be smitten with a mini-van.  I wouldn't have guessed that we'd have special guest stars come visit for a day.

We visited Greenville, Big Rapids, Ludington, and Muskegon on Friday evening.  Jim had to deliver fundraising materials, and brought us along.  When we started, the sun was shining through the windows of the rental (Jim had put a zillion miles on his car already this month for work).  Sun!  Change of scenery!  It was great.

My parents called to see if we had plans for Saturday. They got here just after it finished snowing. The kids showed them every fish, every toy, every trick they knew. It was so nice to spend time with them. I love the rest of my extended family a bunch, but it's nice to get alone time with mom and dad.

Willa and Grandma make a garden stone

The kids and their Grandpa at Vitales
Then on Sunday morning, we went to church for a stirring sermon and a lion dance performance.  My afternoon meeting for my little job was cancelled, because of 5 inches of snow.  We hung out at home for a while and then drove to the lakeshore to finish the Applebees deliveries. 

Then we went to the state park in Grand Haven.  It was cold, but we brought clothes to bundle in.  More on that tomorrow.

Friday, January 27, 2012

January and February are always so hard on me.
I know that this winter has been a mild one.  I was perplexed why this has been a particularly difficult month.  Then I ticked off possible reasons.  I know that I'm such a fortunate person, but that list got kind of long.   House, money, job, winter, terrible current professor, winter, winter...

These things are all temporary, I know.  One evening, poor Jim had to deal with me sitting on the couch with a fatalistic expression and mood.  "It's never going to get better."  He tried a pep talk, he tried to give me space, he tried to get me to clean with him (that always helps, actually), but I wasn't moving.  Finally, we went to the store and got a replacement bulb for my "happy light."  I sat under it that night, and felt better.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is no joke.  It's not something I can talk or think my way out of.  I'm learning to respect the weird chemicals and transmissions that are (or are not) in my brain during winter, and being more proactive.


I just spent some time lying on the floor in a square of sunlight. It's a beautiful sunny January day. I moved the chair out of the window corner, turned some John Denver, and laid down with my face in the sun. Henry joined me, Greta laid on the other side, and it wasn't long before Arlo was at my knee. For those minutes, I was elated.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Mom, Henry thinks he can do a cartwheel."

Sigh - this has been a long, long week.

"Willa, when you were three, you thought you could fly.  I never told you that you couldn't.  Let it go."

"Mo-ommmmmmm, I CAN fly."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A good January night

On January 10th, Jim became a professor.  He's teaching a night class in Sports Management, and we're all very excited for him. 
Professor Taylor's first day of school 
My boys.

On his first night of class, I took the kids to the Meijer Gardens.  It was beautiful and unseasonably warm.  We walked part of the sculpture loop, and enjoyed the chilly, quiet evening.

The kids atop a hill

Twilight and a star starting to come out.

Willa and Henry ran laps at the horse.  Can you see that blur of pink and purple by that front, right hoof?  That's Willa.  Yup, it's a big horse.
And then the kids got silly.  This was all their idea.  Henry is under the hoof.  Willa is worried.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

denial of rudeness

Henry had a rough day, and went to bed early tonight.
While he slept, Willa, Jim, and I played Chinese checkers on the living room floor.  The sweet and cozy moment was interrupted by an unpleasant noise.
"Willa, what was that?"
"What noise?'
"You didn't hear that?"
"Oh, that?  I think that Arlo or Greta must have unzipped my backpack, and then zipped it back up."
"Your dogs.  Who have no thumbs?"
"Uh... I think they used their mouths."
"And they reached your backpack from across the room without us seeing?"
Sigh, "what?  I didn't fart?"  giggle giggle.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Henry and I were tickling each other and playing on the couch.  He put a put on my face, "peeeeee-yew," I said.  He smelled his own foot and declared, "peeeeee-me."