Friday, April 27, 2012

Outlaw chickens

We have some new pals that you should meet.


Hazel (Henry calls her Hazelnut)
Ida (renamed from Golda when Willa found out she wasn't always going to be this color)
The ladies at 2 days old.
They're in the basement under heat lights until they get their grown up feathers.

Time is a fuzzy thing.  I think it was 25 years ago to the day that my Grandpa Laws came over with a small, blue hamster box with a small cheeping being inside.  He didn't ask my parents before giving me the unusual birthday gift.  He just did it, and chuckled. 

Izzy was a cornish hen who lived in my parents' backyard and showed our beagle who was boss.  I had an outlaw chicken at age 12.  History repeats.

Friday, April 06, 2012


Six years ago, Miss Willa arrived.

Six years. 

This was my facebook post last night: When she wakes up, Willa will start her first day of 6. I want to slow down time so we can still cuddle in her twin bed with her forehead under my chin while whispering about the good things the day brought. On the other hand, she's growing into such a neat person, I almost can't wait for what's ahead.

All four of us went to the zoo this afternoon.  Look at her today:

Her big present this year is this pink, totally girly bike.  She got it after dinner, and we tried it out for about 20 minutes.  The first thing she noticed: "woah.  There are no training wheels on this one!"  She rode with me holding the back of the seat.  She giggled nervously.  We put the bike away before nerves took over enough to ruin the excitement.

Tonight, while cuddling after reading her new book (called "Willa Bean" which is what we often call her), we talked about the bike. "I can't wait to ride it tomorrow, mama. It's scary-fun."

Don't I know it!  My baby is growing up.  She has a big-girl bike.  I can't wait until I can let go of the back of her bike seat to watch her sail away confidently.  On a bike, and off... It's scary-fun.