Saturday, December 23, 2006

This is the first Christmas that I really felt like I had things under control. Presents bought. And wrapped. Cookies made in a flurry of Jim and I in the tiny kitchen, cocoa and flour flying. It's so great! I thought the first Christmas with a baby would be chaotic, but we did it. Now we're off to my parents and can't do anything else to prepare. Jim's looking over my shoulder and said I'm jinxing myself now.

Last night we were out to eat. It was a break from all of the running around, and was relaxing and nice to chat with my husband. Jim was feeding Willa her green beans and playing. I was singing the bill slip and felt really really happy. I added his last name onto my existing name and the 3 names take a long time, but last night I felt like... I was signing into this wonderful, goofy, figuring it out family.

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