Monday, May 04, 2009

Inside and out

We're fine. I haven't posted here since Tuesday, which made my mom wonder who in the house was sick. There is no sick. There is only teething, and sunshine, and bubbles, and "who is making dinner tonight?" Also? Where did the last few weeks of April go?

We had a great weekend. I planted about... ten thousand zillion peonies (probably closer to 20). A woman on my "mom's board" agreed to swap some tomato seedlings for those. While I planted, Willa did her part by plucking all of the worms out of the newly dug soil and carried them around. She thinks they're cute. She'd lovingly place them on her pillow at night if we'd let her. The kid shrieks if she sees a spider in the house and will bolt if there's an ant, but she dotes on worms.

We had an adventure this weekend: a few hours at Blanford Nature Center where we saw frogs and turtles and a snake. We were out on a trail when Willa announced she needed to go to the bathroom. I am hoping that she has stopped telling people, "I got to go potty [deep breath in and eyes wide] in THE WOODS!"

Henry's tooth #2 has finally broken through the gums. He is getting around on his own now, one centimeter at a time. I set him down on the floor in front of the full length mirror on Saturday while I brushed my teeth. From the other side of the wall, I heard a clunk and then a Henry giggle. I peeked around the doorway to see him licking the wall. I put him back in the middle of the hallway and watched as he hopped on his bottom toward the wall.

Jim and I spent a good portion of the weekend doing yard work and dreaming about an ideal design. A small platform deck under the maple tree? Some wood chips there? Leveling out the pile of grass clippings and leaves and composted produce? Vinca vine where the grass won't grow? Transplanting more of the lily of the valley?

I'm going to need some new work gloves.

I noticed a pair of cardinals over the weekend, spending some time on the front porch. Turns out, they're nesting in our huge pine tree. No sign of rabbit nests yet, but I'm sure they'll come.


Kerri said...

I love peonies! Woo-wee, about 20 new plants huh? Your yard is going to be very pretty!
Send Willa over to my house. I was doing yard work this weekend, and kept running into worms while I was weeding. I'd just brush them off to the side so they would not get int he way while secretly shuddering with the heebie jeebies inside.

Christina said...

Love the idea of a platform around the tree! Lots of character. Our king birds are back again and they built a nest on top of the previous 2-3 years nest! Love watching them. I'm sure Willa will really get a kick out of it this year.