Sunday, July 12, 2009

T&A. My Ts, Henry's A.

I pump. I dump. I tear up a little.
Turns out it is indeed the breastmilk (w/ antibiotics) that have caused Henry's diaper rash.
In 7th grade, Mr. Prevost taught us the scientific method. We followed it. Henry's rash cleared up after 30 hours of only formula. But maybe that was a fluke, you say? We reintroduced, and hours later - woosh! Bottom on fire.
I have about 2 gallons saved in the fridge downstairs from last week. I can't bring myself to dump that. But for the next 2 days, my pumping is all about maintaing supply for when my body is free of the medicine.


AmyinMotown said...

Oh Amy, I am sorry. Pumping and dumping SUCKS. The only times I had to do it, I'd been out at a wedding or whatever and had a few cocktails, so I'd at least gotten to have some fun before watching that lovely milk slide down the drain. Maybe have your drink of choice (or three) so at least you can have a little fun with your hiatus?

Christina said...

Amy in Motown - GREAT IDEA. Hang in there Amy In My Town.

Maribeth said...

Sorry to hear of all your troubles Amy. Amelia had a bad rash when she was an antibotics and it is so hard to see them go through that.

Maribeth said...

Ha, I just looked at the post title. You crack me up.