Monday, August 17, 2009

In the kitchen

Last week, I plucked green beans from the garden. Jim and I took a lunch hour at the Farmer's Market and bought fresh dill, and then I created Grandma P's dilly beans. One whole jar's worth. The jar is nearly gone, but the garden is ready for another round of harvest. Note to self: next year, plant even more beans!

On Sunday we had a few friends over for brunch. I made potatoes (spicy and plain) and crepes (w/cream cheese and cherry filling as well as cottage cheese and raisin filling) and blueberry mint lemonade. It was crazy hot in our outdoor dining area, but it was nice to gather with friends.

Tonight's kitchen adventure will be pepper jelly. Any other suggestions for using/preserving both Hungarian Wax peppers and jalapenos? We've got a whole bunch.

I'm going to start documenting some of the recipes I'm trying out in the kitchen. Tomorrow, I'll actually post recipes to above.


heather g h said...

yum. yahoo for new recipes! yahoo for brunches!

Kerri said...

Yum, can't wait for the spicy potatoes and crepes recipes!

Keri said...

Your brunch menu sounds delicious.

I've never had either dilly beans or pepper jelly.

heather g h said...

The brunch was great. Thank you. I am interested in how more of your recipes turn out. best wishes! :)

Christina said...

uuuuummm! Crepes sound sooo good.