Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New alignment

I have a clicky jaw. Ever since... forever, when I open my mouth too wide, the connection between the upper and lower jawbones on the right sides click. When I switched dentists last year he told me this was not okay. I'm wearing away important body parts at night when I grind my teeth.

Two days ago I went to the dentist to pick up a bite guard.

Which means that for the past two mornings, I've been waking up entirely too aware of my bite. Are the molars supposed to rest that way? How did I hold my tongue before? Is this right? How about that way?

I'm feeling a little out of sorts, and unnatural, and -hey, who replaced my jaw?!

Which is an apt metaphor for figuring out the bigger picture right now too.

We're having a great time at home. Willa's at her first 1/2 day of school today. Henry is napping. We're making boxes into projects and a walk to the store an adventure. Happy, happy, Amy.

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heather g h said...

neato and awesome
it is intriguing about your jaw, the clicking, and the bite guard. Is it hard to sleep with that in your mouth? happy rearranging my friend :P