Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend roundup

The weekend "done" list:

Friday evening:
acquire the remaining bits of Jim's Polar Plunge Costume
Willa's haircut
Turn the kids loose at the small mall play area, pleasantly run into friends

Bundle up and cheer Jim as he jumps into Reeds Lake for the Special Olympics fundraiser

Go to a bowling party to celebrate our friend's newly minted "Certified Financial Planner" status
Visit with Jim's parents
Cuddle and soothe Willa through hours of crying as she deals with her first (big girl) ear ache.
Stop the evening nursing session with Henry (after 16 months bittersweet)
Go to a friends house to consume wine and food and just BE with some excellent women (not worry about possibility of incoming calls from home; Jim can handle any issues with Willa)

Tylenol (see above)
Drive to Lake Michigan to walk on the frozen heaps of water at the surf.
Feed and clean kids, kiss their sweet (and once again healthy) foreheads goodnight.
Ignore the piles the busy weekend has caused in the house.
Tomorrow is another day.


Christina said...

OMG! Jim! You're amazing! The ultimate sacrifice.

Keri said...

Way to go, Jim!

heather g h said...

busy busy!