Monday, June 21, 2010

Brain workout

Have I written here that I'm applying for grad school? I am. Central Michigan University has a counseling program, and I'd like to be in it.

Part of the application process is taking the Miller Analogies Test. Remember hand is to arm, as foot is to ____? Ratchet those up a bit in the thinking department, do 120 of them, progressing in difficulty, and that was my Saturday at 9:30.

I'm a huge crossword geek who loves puzzles and figuring things out. But a straight 60 minutes of these on the computer left me itching to jump up and stretch at about minute 42.

I finished, and got a prelim. score back. Friends, I kicked Analogy ass.

And after we were all done, I asked the somewhat familiar guy next to me his name. Out of the 7 people taking the test at that location that day, I was sitting next to someone I graduated from high school with. 150 miles and 17 years (gulp) ago.


Christina said...

Good for you!!! Weird about your HS friend!!

Monica said...

Rock on fellow crossword lover! Those are my favorite, and congrats on kicking that test's booty! And for what its worth, I think you'd be an amazing counselor. Good luck with the rest of the application process. :)

Rach said...

Congrats on your newest adventure! You can't go wrong with the Chippewas. As an alumna, I speak from experience. Best wishes!

Kerri said...

Way to kick some analogy butt! Congrats! And random-weird about the guy next to you!

heather g h said...

yahoo for grad school!