Friday, October 20, 2006

i was crumpled on the couch, half listening to jim tell my mom that we all had a cold. when he was done, i asked to talk with her.
"mom, it is not just a cold. i have a sinus infection. and bronchitis. and pink eye. i feel yucky."
for some reason, being sick doesn't 100% count until mom knows what's up, and gives the "plenty of fluids and lots of rest" speech.


JT said...

My vocabulary seems to come and go at will. I wish I had a more forcefull way to speak of our shared family sickness. I definitely know that it is disheartening to hear someone minimalize your sick feelings when you are laying in a stupor feeling like hell!

apt said...

i neglected to give jim props for taking care of me and making me soup. sorry.