Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Willa is mobile. And Jim and I are both exhausted. She's crawling, but not (of course) in any typical way. She's not on all fours, and she's not army crawling. She uses both hands, a knee, and a foot. It's awkward looking, but it works.

She was trying to stand up one day and got one leg up. And then she moved her knee forward and squealed with delight. "Hey mom, I'm self-propelled now! Look, I'm lightening fast!" The newspaper, our shoes, the dogs tails... are not safe. This weekend will be spent baby proofing.

In other news, antibiotic #2 seems to be gaining ground on the germs having parties in our lungs and sinuses (anyone remember that Cosby episode?). We should be operational in a few days. I'm scared to see how fast zippy can move when she's not sick!

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