Friday, November 02, 2007

New entry for top 5 in favorite parenting moment so far

Willa, Jim and I were lying on the floor in her room. Jim pretended he was sleeping. Willa walked to her crib and tried to pull her blanket and Bay-beeeee through the crib slats. I lifted them out and handed them to her. She covered Jim and offered Bay-beeeee to him. He snored. She laughed and started tickling him. He woke up. Over and over until she laid back down and pulled the blanket over her, staying very quiet and still. Jim and I discussed all of the possible locations Willa might be at that moment. She ripped the blanket off of her face yelling "'ERE SHE IS!!" and laughing from her toes. Over and over again. Then it was my turn to sleep. Instead of covering me with the blanket and tucking Bay-beeee into my arm, she launched herself onto my chest laughing. Over and over.
Twenty minutes later we left the room.
This Parenting thing? Totally awesome!

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