Monday, November 19, 2007

Willa learns remodeling

We sat at the kitchen table looking at graph paper and little squares and rectangles that represented our appliances for a long time.
"I can't look at this anymore. Let's just do it."
"For real?"
"Yes, let's get started."
An hour later Willa woke up from her nap, walked into the kitchen and froze in her tracks. She was staring at the place where, just before she fell asleep, there were cabinets and a back splash.
"'ERE'D IT GO?!" She demanded with her arms lifted, hands palm side up. I chuckled, and she yelled again, "'ERE'D IT GO?!"

I thought it was amusing until I remembered a weekend home from college. I walked into the kitchen and it was someone else's kitchen. They changed it so much that the next morning, I walked downstairs, opened the fridge, pulled out the milk, and set it down on the island that had been there for the 15 years before. Only there was no island, and the milk crashed to the floor. Upset about home not looking like "home" anymore, I may have cried. Over spilt milk, I know, I know...

Change is so hard.

On the other hand, we have some of the new upper cabinets up and while I'm happy that they look lovely, I am jumping up and down excited about the extra storage space in our small kitchen.


Anonymous said...

yahoo for some remodeling! I am excited for you... I know it is a struggle with a small kitchen.. hgh

Rach said...

pictures, pictures! can we see? :)

AmyinMotown said...


Sorry. PTSD from the one we just finished.

"'ere'd it go?" too funny. Maggie would complain about the mess.