Sunday, December 14, 2008

Right this second...

Henry is in his bouncy chair cooing at the Christmas tree. Willa is playing with her train set. Jim is going through today's huge newspaper. He asked Willa what he should get me for Christmas. Her response? "Umm..... a dino-saur. Willa would like a dinosaur too." She held up both hands. Jim said, "10 dinosaurs?!"
"Yes! I would hold them a lot," she said while fixing the livestock fence from the train set.

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Anonymous said...

we just went and saw the Dinosaurs at VanAndel. Pretty amazing! Were there dinosaurs on the newspaper? Where is Willa's attraction to dinosaurs coming from? That is super cute. I hope that you get a mommy and baby brachiosaurus. They have long necks.~hgh