Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 glimpses

Christmas Eve church service.
Both kids have been wonderful.
5 minutes left.
Willa's getting restless and starts talking louder and louder about the music, about the candles, about her tights...
I whisper that she needs to be quiet for just a little longer.
The minister announces a time for quiet prayer.
Willa talks louder.
I again ask her to be quiet.
She yells, "Mama, you're driving me CRA-ZY!"
Surrounding old ladies chuckle.

Minutes after this, the choir is singing "Silent Night."
It's beautiful.
Jim is holding Henry.
I turn to smile at him and notice he's wiping his eyes.

I leave church feeling very, very blessed.


Christina said...

I always tear up too when we hear that song in church. Love Willa's outburst!!

Anonymous said...

we were at fountain street at 11 pm. is that where you were too? maybe an earlier service? such precious memories! i hope you are well Happy and healhty 2009 :)~hgh