Sunday, January 04, 2009

When you have a 2 year old and a 2 month old...

Jim has been on vacation for 2 weeks now. Spending this much time together over the holidays has been a fun treat. We've spent a lot of time doing errands and getting the house in shape. We had hoped this would entail more time on the kitchen project and less time shadowing Willa who has recently picked up the habit of leaving a trail of stuffed animals behind her. In the event that she gets lost between her bedroom and the living room, she'll be able to find her way back.

It is 2 in the morning as I type this. Willa is upstairs asleep. Henry is in his crib (!!!!! He's sleeping! In his crib!). Jim is in the kitchen painting the walls a shade of green that makes something inside me feel more vibrantly alive. This is the only time that we can get anything done. This sacred time when our offspring with her curious hands and his multitude of needs are - blessedly - asleep. We paint, we pick up, we sometimes watch tv like zombies who don't have control of the bulk of their day. I am breathing deeply and enjoying being able to hear Jim's brush on the wall. Lately Willa has been living life like a musical and singing everything. Today after an all too brief nap, she sat in the car behind me singing, "I don't like.... anything" over and over. The whisp-whisp of the brush is nearly zen.

And now Jim has finished and it's time to brush our teeth and get some sleep before Henry wakes for his 4 am feeding.

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Christina said...

Wow! I'm impressed he has that much energy to paint at that hour! And as I say a lot, I know EXACTLY that feeling you're talking about when all of the kids are asleep.