Wednesday, January 14, 2009

silver lining

5 reasons to be glad about the opportunity to work from home:*
- unless I have meetings, I won't need to even consider nylons.
- not needing to use a public restroom
- I won't have to worry about the public coming into the office while I'm pumping breast milk.
- I won't have to worry about the window washers descending while I'm pumping breast milk **
- during lunch hours: walking dogs around the block, weeding garden, starting dinner, grocery shopping, laundry, newspaper on the front porch***....

*trying to be optimistic about this
** this happened when Willa was a baby
*** when it's not, you know, 2 degrees outside


Kerri said...

I think working from home would be awesome. I'm totally jealous. The pros outweight the cons by a mile in my book. You'll end up loving it. You'll see!

AmyinMotown said...

And you will enjoy it soooo much when you do have to dress up!! And it makes breastfeeding so much easier, I would imagine (I have never had to work and pump but it just seems so challenging). And, and, all those little things around the house that need doing that you just don't have time for? They get done when you;re retsless and bored and waiting for a callback.

Also, 1:48 am?? What are you, nocturnal?? :-)

Christina said...

You are making me jealous!! I see your point about not very much adult interaction so I'll be interested to hear how this all goes for you. Right now, it sounds great!