Monday, January 26, 2009

Pride and its difficulty to swallow when laughing

I am not ashamed to admit that I am very proud of our kids.
Henry is adorable and strong, and a project that is coming along nicely.
Willa is also adorable and strong-willed and creative and bright.
She can tell you she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Genius, I know.
With last week's hoopla and headlines, we taught her that our country has a new boss and his name is President Obama. The information weaved itself in her head, and when asked who the president is she would say, "Oh, bama."
I beamed.
We were at my parent's house this weekend for Bill and Jackie's baby shower (my mom did a GREAT job). When we came downstairs on Saturday morning, Willa noticed a gift sitting on the fireplace bricks.
"Lurk* mama! Present Oh bama!"

*She does not say "look" hence, we do a lot of "lurking" at the Sinki clubhouse.

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Jackie said...

I agree with everything you said!