Friday, February 27, 2009

Moment with Benjamin

I unwrapped the tiny bundle to get a look at my nephew's hands. His fingers are very, very long. I listened to Bill and Jackie tell the story of his birth. I peeked under his hat at the mass of thick, black hair. He sighed in his sleep. My heart sighed. "He has the sweetest lips," I say. He does.
Bill walked over and, without a word, subtly tucked the baby blanket back around his son.
My brother is a daddy.


Anonymous said...

oh geez that is sucha sweet post ~hgh

Em said...


Congratulations, Bill and Jackie.

Christina said...

I can't imagine what this will be like some day for me and my brother!

AmyinMotown said...

I love this post! Isn't it so amazing to see that change in your (I am assuming little) brother? I've been so proud to watch my brother as a dad; he is wonderful with his kids and they just love him so much. Kind of amazing to think this boy who once held me down and farted on me is this sensitive, loving, fun, remarkable father!

Congrats to the new family -- and to the new auntie as well!