Monday, February 02, 2009

A small prayer of Thanksgiving

Yesterday I experienced one of the most perfect hours in my lifetime.
Henry was tired and couldn't calm down enough to sleep. I held him close and rocked him until he sighed and got heavy enough that I knew he was asleep on my left shoulder.
Willa climbed onto my lap, curled herself around my right arm, cuddled her face onto my right arm and asked me to sing with her. We sang "itsy bitsy spider" and "you are my sunshine" over and over. Eventually she trailed off, and moments later she was heavier too.
I rocked them both for an hour as the afternoon sun cast shadows through the windows. I listened to the melting snow drip from the porch and the breath of my sleeping children.


Unknown said...

Definitely a good day.

Mandy said...

This is beautiful, Amy.

Kerri said...

So sweet! I don't know what it is about You Are My Sunshine, but that song always makes me choke up. I can thank Johnson and Johnson for that. Years ago they had a commercial that had a mother bathing her crying baby, trying to soothe her in the tub while singing to her. Apparently the bath oil scent was supposed to have some calming effect...ever since, it's been waterworks for me when I hear or sing that song.