Friday, November 20, 2009

Catching up

It's been a pretty busy month, friends. Our family continues to adjust to the changes that happened when I lost my job. Willa's doing well with 2-1/2 days of school a week. We were sad to say goodbye to Whitney her teacher, but know she's doing what's right for her own career plans. Henry and I are getting a lot of quality time in. I absolutely love having this time to be with the kids more. It's going to be rough when the right job comes along.

Jim is being wonderful with me learning the ropes of not working for anyone but our family. There have been no extra expectations of dinners made or a clean house from him. I'm getting better at juggling time and attention.

I knew this change would be for the better for me, but I didn't know how much better. I was getting pretty worn down - in all aspects - at my job. I am feeling like I'm doing exactly what I should be right now. I'm looking for the next step, but enjoying the "right nowness" of my life. Anyhow, some photos of Sinkiland:

the first hair cut. Happy boys.

Happy girls.In early summer we planted 4 pumpkin plants. This is the harvest: two small ones for our small ones. The universe provides just what you need.

The bosses.

I asked her to pose for this photo. A few seconds into the shoot, she said, "uh... I'm starting to be uncomfortable."

Willa on swing.

Henry on slide.


NotAppealing said...

"uh... I'm starting to be uncomfortable." made me giggle out loud. Cutest thing I've heard this week (and it's been a long week =))

AmyinMotown said...

Great photos! I was warned about how Will would go from baby to Boy right before my eyes with the first haircut, but it's still a little bit of a shock, isn't it? He looks adorable! And you all look very very happy. I hope the right job comes along right when it needs to and not a moment before "-).