Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kid chats

I posted earlier this month that Willa had some nightmares that sounded pretty darned scary. A few mornings ago she snuggled up to me and gave me the dream report: "I dreamed that alligators and lizards and dinosaurs were chasing me." I reassured her saying it was only a dream, and those animals weren't real. She looked at me with (I'm pretty sure) pity. "Mom, they were nice animals. We were playing."

Henry is really communicating well. He says "uh-uh" for no, and nods (in one slow move of chin touching chest) for yes. He's an agreeable chap, for the most part. We had a disagreement over picking Willa up from school the other day.


Anonymous said...

Would you PLEASE update the kids pics. Henry looks like Elias Brothers Big Boy. He is a super handsome chap now. Strut his stuff. And Willa is an enchanting and wise (plus a little wierd) big girl :) As for the other boy, he's a lost cause !!!!

apt said...

Anon, your wish is my command; even if you're picking on my kids and husband. You'll see there's a new banner. I've been meaning to do it, but got it finished after reading the insults (kidding, kidding)about my family. Mostly because I think you're my mom and you're being nice enough to let us live in your house for a few days this week.