Thursday, October 14, 2010

hot and cold

Most sinks these days have one faucet. Water pressure and temperature is controlled by knobs, or a lever, or motion detection magic, but it all comes out of the same faucet.

I don't know if most sinks in the "olden days" were made like this, or if there was just one really dumb sink manufacturer a long time ago, but there are some sinks with both hot and cold knobs. And separate faucets too. Got that? Here's a visual for you:

I've found myself at one of these sinks before. I stood before it, befuddled. "How can I comfortably wash my hands here?!" Because "hot" is melt-my-skin-hot, and "cold" is ice-cubes-in-my-bloodstream cold. I kind of moved my soapy hands all over the place, sending my nervous system into input overload.

Living with a (near) two year old is much like this experience. There is no middle ground; there is no ability to mix hot and cold. The extreme nature of the two year old takes the sink metaphor and knocks it off of the wall, creating high pressured jets of water, aimed right at your face. And, yup, you've called the emergency plumber, but he can only seem to get one stream turned off at a time, and he can't help which one:
" You're the best mama. Ever." said with fluttery eyelashes, a smile, and a hug.
"I do NOT love you anymore," screamed at ear piercing volume and pitch.

... and can you live like this for oh, say... 6 or so months? Or maybe a few more years?

Thanks to Maribeth and Mia for inspiring this post. Ms. Mia just turned 2 yesterday, and her mom shared a honest and sweet little testimony of Mia's personality that got me thinking about this. Thanks also to my own crazy sink. And thanks to Microsoft Paint for allowing me to encourage the graphic artist in me.


NotAppealing said...

I think the trick back then was to run both faucets and fill the sink basin with a comfortably tepid water.

You've already managed to get though washing your hands in that kind of sink (even if it did make you a little uncomfortable) with some ingenuity and creative thinking, and now have AWESOME girls to show for it. I'm sure both of you fabulous ladies and your kids will come out this time as germ-free and sparkling as you did the first go-round.

Keri said...

Awesome post. I love the sink metaphor. Enjoy your 2-year-old!