Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lunch with Justin and Marcus.

"Is that what I think that is?" you're wondering.

If you think it's the American League Championship trophy, then yes, yes it is.

But wait... it's gets better.

That's me in the orange sweater on the left, and Willa's next to me. Above her arm, in a suit is the MAYOR of Bay City. I know, brush with fame. Us Sinkis? We roll with the celebs.

Sitting next to Willa, on the other side, by the way is Justin Verlander.

While he's no small city mayor, Justin Verlander is a Detroit Tiger's pitcher. Last season? Threw a no hitter. In other words, he's um.... incredible. (And nice too.)

"This is Willa."

"Hi Willa, I'm Marcus."

Marcus Thames? He's mighty personable. See how delighted I am? Where did my eyes go? I don't know.

Willa liked Marcus so much, she offered him her baby doll. She handed it to him a few times. He said he and the doll could sit in the back of the bus and listen to some music. In the end, we left with the doll.

With a 7 month old daughter at home, Marcus can probably find some of his own to bring on road trips.

We left with some fun photos, 2 autographs (we forgot to ask the mayor for his) and an increased excitement for Spring Training. Go Tigers!


Anonymous said...

Geez, that was the best trip to Bay City I have EVER heard of.. Just so you know, not everyone who visits Bay City gets to have lunch with super friendly Detroit Tigers and the mayor. You sinkis are L-u-c-k-y.... hgh

Christina said...

Awww! How adorable! Now you'll have to get her first boy crazy poster for her wall (my personal favorite was Lance Parrish back in the day).

Also, on the baby board, how adorable is your siggy? She looks like a little girl now!

Also, after a week, I just realized that I am over-scheduled with three events for 2/2. I am supposed to go to Detroit weather permitting to do a charity "crop" with my friend. So, if weather gets crappy and I don't go to that, we'll definitely make an appearance (and at the other event which I am feeling guilty about not attending but I got asked for the crop first!). Take pictures and thanks for inviting us!

AmyinMotown said...

Dude, DUDE, how DID you manage that?????? I'm always looking for stuff to do with my Tiger-fan dad. So awesome. And easy on the eyes, hey? (wonder if they just send out the good-looking ones :-)?) Was Magglio Ordonez there? Because that's been one of Maggie's many nicknames since birth--he was signed shortly after she was born. It's still a goal to get an autograph from him or, better yet, a photo of him with my Magglio.

Anonymous said...

LOL You were so happy your eyes disappeared!! ~B

Anonymous said...

Ok, nice work Amy. Get Willa started early. Being a Detroit Tiger fan is fun again. Thanks for your congrats on my recent marriage.

Ang said...

I'm green envy!!