Monday, January 07, 2008

"Never tease a crocodile" duh.

Willa's hooked on a new book, and it's driving me crazy for several reasons. The book is called "5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree." It's based on the preschool rhyme about 5 monkeys and an crocodile who "eats them" one by one. I think the original rhyme doesn't end like her book, in which we find the 5 monkeys were simply hiding in a tree one by one. Nothing says toddler humor like a cartoon mama monkey sobbing on the river bank over her 5 children, lost to a hungry snapping crocodile.
So, after each monkey disappears, I read, "oh no! Where is he?" And instead of being anxious about the disappearing monkeys in the tree, Willa points out - every time - where the crocodile is - "'ere he is!!" she cheers loud and proud.
And I tried to explain why we are looking for the monkeys, not the crocodile... once. And then thought, "do I convince her to worry?" Instead I'm just trying to phase the book out of rotation.

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NotAppealing said...

Be happy! Right, Miss Willa?