Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cooler than it sounds, the Soo Locks

... and then it was time to strike off on our own and brave the Mackinac Bridge and the great north woods. Last Monday we gave my parents hugs and kisses and drove north.

First stop: Sault Saint Marie. There we found THE nicest MI Welcome Center employee in the history of hospitality. We left with a bag full of information on lodging and sites to see in the UP (because we admitted that we didn't really do much research before leaving) and a wolf poster that she dug out of the back office for Willa.

From there we checked into the Holiday Inn Express*. This was our first time hoteling with the dogs. They had a tough time figuring out what their role was. We felt it should be to lie down, enjoy the scents of former boarders, and chill out. They felt they should alert us every time someone was in the hallway.

The humans went to check out the Locks. Lucky for us, a ship was due in w/in 20 minutes of arrival. And there it was, huge and right in front of us:

From the Locks we went to dinner and then back to our hotel for some swimming in the pool.

*"What? No camping?" You say. We have a 3 person tent, and it would have been mighty full with 2 adults, a toddler and 2 dogs. Also, camping and 6 months pregnant? This gestator needs a bathroom nearby at all times.


Keri said...

The Mackinac Bridge scares me. I'm not usually afraid of such things, but that bridge freaks me out. I used to drive my tiny Geo Metro across it to visit Brandon when he lived in the Soo. I was certain that I was going to blow off. My current car isn't nearly as much of a featherweight as my Metro was, but the Bridge still scares me.

Kerri said...

I'm not even pregnant and camping for that many days sounds like torture to me. A day or two, fine, not a week. I'm one of those people that appreciates the finer things in life...ya know, not having to wear flip flops in the shower.

Anonymous said...

I like how you said "hoteling". I used to say "hoteling it" too, just as you are going "camping". Caz got mad at me and said you stay at a hotel, there is no such thing as "hoteling" it. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) ~Jen