Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More trees

Mr. Sinki has a hard time doing nothing. This is a fact that he probably won't dispute. One morning while at the cottage I woke up as he was coming back from Houghton Lake's Wallmart with pillows and a dog brush. It's probably for the best that I married Mr. on-the-go. Otherwise I could pretty easily relax myself into a state of very still ooze.

Anyhow, this restless of his encouraged a little side trip to Heartwick Pines. The thing about forrest evolution is that the environment and tree makeup change over time. They're going to have the change the name of this State Park soon, as the Maples will soon outnumber the enormous old growth pines left.

We started off in the the interpretive center where you learn about forrests and that specific land area. There was a display of the fecal matter we might see on the walking trails. I'm sure it was plastic replica of scat, but still... our tax dollars at work there. Willa looked into the glass case and said, "I see flowers." Very telling of her perspective, I thought, must remember for the blog.

From there we went to the old logging museum. This is the segment of the trip where I has hot and bored and didn't really want to read about the 6 kinds of saws they used to cut down trees. I quietly perservered, trooper that I am.

Then we got to the woods. The main event.
Willa was in awe of all the "big trees." She asked for "more big trees" throughout the week.
We walked into the small chapel on the grounds. It's simplicity is humbling and holy all by itself. Willa caught on quick, turning to me with her finger on her lips, "shhhh."

We did some more walking, and found a bench for the following photo shoot. I call this series ADD and Genetics or Strangers at the Bus Stop.

The park is really pretty, and only a short drive from Higgens Lake. We'll have to go back again. I think our little Lorax would like another trip back soon.


Anonymous said...

those trees are humongous! I love the pic of Willa in a tree and the ADD pics! lol~hgh

Em said...

I was able to pick up a copy of The Lorax at Rothbury. A very nice hippy man was selling books and I had to have it. And I have read it 15x since. I never get sick of that story.

Great pictures!

NotAppealing said...

I love the series.

JT said...
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Maribeth said...

Cute pictures! I love the ones of Jim and Willa. Sounds like a great vacation.