Monday, July 21, 2008

Stuck in the locks

Dear Sinki family memories and readers,

Sorry to leave you stranded in the Soo. Work and life has been crazy. Please check in tomorrow when I do the final vacation wrap-up.

In the meantime, send out teeny vibes that morning sickness isn't coming back to me. I'm queasy, and it might be because of the "English hot house cucumber" sized fetus in residence. Or not.

Also, Willa has named "big baby" after her teacher. This puts her naming of items at:
- my old Hush Puppy stuffed dog who she calls Thomas or Otis (after Bill and Jac's puppy) depending on the mood.
- "big baby" is now called "Little Kelly" after Willa told me that she loved Miss Kelly at school (who she hadn't seen in 2 weeks because of overlapping vacations).

See you tomorrow.


--Lindsay-- said...

I hope you tell Miss Kelly this story! Teachers love to hear things like that :o)

Maribeth said...

Hope you feel better soon. Hopefully it isn't coming back.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean its a girl?!?! ~Jen

Christina said...

hope things slow down for you! no more morning sickness!

apt said...

Jen - no, no, no. Well.. I mean it could be a girl, but we don't know yet.
"Big baby" is the former name of the doll baby now called "little Kelly." "Big baby" and "little baby" (not to be confused with "little Kelly") often hang out in Willa's room together.