Friday, April 17, 2009

One day short of 6 months

Today Henry is the exact age Willa was when I started this blog (190 days old, to be exact).

I have written so much about Willa lately; the wacky things that comes out of her mouth astound me. Her personality is so vibrant, so capriciously the essence of 3...

Henry - at this time in his life - is steadily happy. He grows and learns every day, but so much of that is internal, difficult to detect and record. I have noticed him reacting to his sister: he laughs when she gets near him and he reaches for her. He does this with the dogs and his toys too, but not to the degree that Willa gets. Henry has started eating veggies and loves them. Carrots first and sweet potatoes and peas next. He eats them faster than I can spoon it. He is an efficient eater and, as a result, does not get too messy. He is not the greatest sleeper yet - we have a standing date on the couch at about 3am still. And then again at 5:30 (if he wants to stand me up like he did last night, I'd forgive him). But he gets what he wants (needs?) and is immediately content.

Someday he'll ask me what he was like as a baby. I can tell him that he was genuinely the happiest baby I have ever seen. He smiles with his whole body (happy kneecaps, shoulders, toes...). He flirts and gurgles and rocks with a huge gummy grin.

Henry has made the transition to family of four-hood easy. He is fun to be around, it is such an honor to be his parent.

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Maribeth said...

Hey, you plagerized my blog entery from tonight. Six month old child, happy to see sibling, loves food, and a happy baby.

We need to get Henry and Mia together and they can light up the room with their smiles.