Monday, April 20, 2009

those wacky offspring

Henry does not like to be written about here. How do I know?

I write "Henry slept through the night and the village rejoiced" and the next night he's up every 90 minutes.

I write "Mr. perma-smile is a delight" and the next day he's the crankiest he's ever been.

The seas are disturbed under the good ship Henry James. I'm sure it's teeth. I can see the outline of most of his uppers right under his gums. It looks like he's going to get all of them. At any second now.

Given the pattern I described above, I just jinxed us into more days of teething purgatory.

Quick! Change the subject!
Willa was singing her name the other day. I've mentioned it before, but she sings it to the tune of "Skip to my Lou"
it normally ends, "...and that spells Willa."
She was singing in the bathtub, while I was hanging clothes. I heard her sing, "...and that spells trouble."


Erin N. said...

I'm sure Mr. H will put together soon that sleeping though the night means a happier mommy =)

I love the "spells trouble." that is flipping adorable.

Kerri said...

Hehe, "that spells trouble". Funny stuff.

AmyinMotown said...

And that spells trouble! Too funny!! Maggie did the same thing with a million teeth at once. She had none, was a miserable little baby for a week and then boom, four teeth. Here's hoping it gores fast! Will is teething right now too and uuugggghhhh....

Mia said...

Willa is hilarious!

Unknown said...

Mom says that Lucy and Henry are in a race for whoever gets the first tooth.